Tula Stainless Steel Seats

Inspired by the strength and rigidity of 21st century airframe construction, the satin-polished stainless steel Tula seat is engineered to combine rugged all-weather performance with an ergonomic profile that provide excellent support. Armrests and Seat end logos optional.


Size Options
- 1810mm standard length (as shown)
- 2010mm standard length
- Other lengths to special order

A choice of colours from our Standard Range
Manufactured in satin polished stainless steel

Leg Mounting Options
Surface (-01)
Spigot (-02)
Sub-Surface (-03)

Other Options
- Arm rests - Mannheim Style (GF501)
- Arm Rest - Florentine Style (GF502)
- Memorial plaques (GF510)
- Seat end logos (GF511)